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Sing what you want, not only what you can

Katia Losito is a voice teacher and an expert of mix method. She is also Area Director Italy for Modern Vocal Training and Music Reviewer for Faremusic.it, a web magazine born from an Alberto Salerno and Mara Maionchi's idea and directed by Mela Giannini.  The method is inspired by Italian Belcanto Tradition and its pedagogy.  Katia studied for many years and getting certified with various institutes in the United States and in Europe. With her approach  you will be able to sing from the bottom to the top of your voice in a natural and powerful way. From the very first lesson the student will be able to feel new sensations, developing the awareness for a  new vocal coordination without break and without disconnecting in falsetto. All this taking care the health vocal folds. Singing becomes a natural way to interpret and communicate the meaning of the song. Singing lesson are individual and personalized and happen in person or by Skype.


Watch the incredible results on a beginner who used to be off pitch

Watch this video until at least at 1rst minute. Here is Federico in 3 steps. 1. How he sang during his first lesson. 2 The way he is able to sing after 2 years. Enjoy! As you listen to him he seems to be a very hard and hopeless case. But thanks to a specific training tailored  for him and to his persistence,  we got  an extraordinary results.

Voice lessons and services

Voice lessons, masterclasses and recording studio assistance are offered both to beginners who have never taken voice lessons, and to professional users of the speaking and singing voice.


Voice lessons in the studio

Online voice lessons

Recording studio assistance


...not just a simple “voice lesson” but a real "vocal regeneration”...
...you have found the teacher for you...
...with Katia the results are there immediately... 

...I feel that my voice is transformed after just a few online lessons...