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Katia Losito

About me

Hi there! My name is Katia Losito. I was born in Bari, and still live in  this sunny seaside town in southern Italy. I am a singer, Expert in the Mix Vocal Technique, Vocal Coach, Teacher Trainer, Professional Speakers Instructor, and Music Reviewer. My clients include singers and singing students of all levels, both in Italy and overseas, all over the world. I coach public speakers to make the best use of their voice and to create the right content for  clear and effective public speaking. I hold one-to-one lessons and masterclasses aimed at voice teachers and anyone who uses the voice professionally or who simply wants to learn to sing. I also assist clients with their musical project during sessions at recording studios. 

I have been studying voice for about 20 years, using various techniques and methods, mainly in the United States and Europe. Among them I have delved into Speech Level Singing and participated in several courses of the Estill Voice Craft method.  My teaching approach is based on scientific, pedagogical and historical studies and takes into account the vocal and psychological structure of each singer, as well as their artistic and performance goals. In particular, over the years, I have become passionate about studies of the Belcanto technique and pedagogy. My teaching is based on the principles of this glorious Italian School. 


I have studied and continue to study with my teacher and mentor, Greg Enriquez, who is internationally recognized as one of the world's best trainers of singers and voice teachers, and to whom I am forever grateful. I qualified as a certified instructor at Institute for Vocal Advancement, for which I also served as Area Representative Italy and Malta. 

In 2019 I joined the staff , of the web-magazine , by Alberto Salerno and Mara Maionchi, as music reviewer.

I obtained the Advanced Vocal Coach certification at Modern Vocal Training and I am Regional Mentor for Italy. I am part of the MVT Educational Team    as an international  teacher trainer . I also teach vocal pedagogy classes to advanced vocal coaches. I am Education  Director for certified Modern Vocal Training teachers in Italy. 

I am a certified Vocal Health First Aider at Vocal Health Education in London having an NCFE Accreditation. 

I have given workshops and individual lessons  at the European Vocal Camp, the largest camp in the world attended by  over 100 singers and students from over 30 countries. Being passionate  about vocal technique and psychology, I presented my latest research at the World Expo Voice Teachers, an international conference for voice teachers that brings together various methodologies and teaching approaches on vocal technique from around the world.


My approach to teaching is proven by its effectiveness, by the numerous results obtained in voices of all genres and styles. For me, teaching is a mission, a commitment to help everyone discover their potential as singers and teachers.

Training history

  • Year 2012 “Estill Voice Craft” course with Elisa Turlà

  • Year 2014 -  2015 Masterclass of the Speech Level Singing method

  • Year 2016 - V-IVAcon International Conference for Singers in Rome (Institute for Vocal Advancement)

  • Year 2016 - Masterclass of Vocal Physiology with Prof. Franco Fussi

  • Year 2016 - Masterclass of Pop and Jazz style with Mario Rosini

  • Year 2016 - Masterclass of “Performance techniques on stage” with Dr, Giorgia Giuntoli 

  • Year 2016 -Masterclass of Gospel singing with Timothy Martin

  • Year 2016 - Elective Course “Voice Care and Wellness in our Studios" with Alida Annicchiarico 

  • Year 2017 - Convention Il Viaggio della Voce - Masterclass of vocal technique and interpretation with Prof. Franco Fussi - Eleonora Bruni - Lisa Angelico

  • Year 2017 - Elective course “Training the professional Speaker” with Andres Martorell

  • Year 2017 - Masterclass with Greg Enriquez “Warm-up, stretching and strengthening for different styles” - “from vocal therapy to teaching singing: two worlds that come together (vocal coach of Celine Dion) 

  • Year 2017 - Training with Eleonora Bruni - Theoretical and practical perfection course for singers and 

  • voice teachers

  • Year 2018 - 21 - 28 April - IVACON EDIMBURGH 2018 - International conference for singing teachers of the Vocal Advancement method

  • Year 2018 - April - Edimburgh - "How does the human voice develop and change across the lifespan from birth to elderly?" - "What is the latest research in singing and where is voice education going?"- Prof. Graham Welch

  • Year 2018 - Teaching the classical voice- Course to teach voices in the opera style with Jeffrey McEvoy

  • Year 2019- May - Baden (Austria) - Ivacon - International conference for singing teacher of the Vocaladvancemet method

  • Year 2019- May - Baden Austria - "Combine workout and singing with VOXXBODY - Charles Simmons

  • Year 2019- May - Baden Austria - How does the brain influence singing?- Prof. Boris Kleber

  • Year 2019 - May - Baden Austria- Teaching vocal effect - Ariel Coelho

  • Year 2020  - May - The Voice Forum- Voice International Conference by Mindy Pack e Dr. Reena Gupta (U.S.A)

  • Year 2020  -September - She joins the Mindy Pack team vocal coach of Miley Cyrus, The Lumineers, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake and many others) as the Italian representative of "The Voice Straw" an instrument created for the needs of anyone who uses the voice professionally and with the collaboration of Dr. Ingo Titze

  • Year 2020  - October "World Expo Voice Teachers" - International Conference for Voice Teachers

  • Year  2020  -December -  Teaching for an International Clinic for voice teachers   "How to structure a singing lesson" by Modern Vocal Training

  • Year 2021 - January - she joins the international program for voice teachers "Profty", led by Greg Enriquez and Rhonda Carlson

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