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The innovation

What sets this method apart from any other is that it gives us the opportunity to hold lessons not only in person in the vocal studio, but also remotely via Skype. But most importantly… IT WORKS!!!! In the United States, this way of taking voice lessons has by now been established for decades. Even Michael Jackson, back when the Internet didn’t exist, used to take voice lessons with his vocal coach through the phone. Yes, you read it right!!! You will be able to take your voice lesson whenever you want, but most of all, WHEREVER YOU WANT.

How does it work?

But how is it possible for an online voice lesson to have the same effectiveness as one held in person? The answer is in the effectiveness of the teaching method based on Cause & Effect, which allows Katia to carefully and effectively evaluate the voice she’s listening to and its issues. After a short and very simple vocal test, Katia will be able to tell you what your vocal tendency is, what your objective is and how to reach it. By performing a few exercises tailored to your voice, you will be able to immediately experience the feeling of an easy and effortless vocal production.

This method is based on neuromuscular memorization. In other words, we are trying to reprogram the “memory of the voice” through the exercises, so that it can automatically reproduce those sensations when we sing a song.

Why is it effective?

The technique is also known as the MIX method or MIXED VOICE method. To explain what mix is, we first need to explain what the vocal passages (bridges) are. The passage is a group of notes through which the voice “passes” from chest voice (low notes) to head voice (high notes). The first passage is usually the most problematic, and probably also the most sung. Every voice can have different difficulties. For example going from full chest voice to falsetto. Or not being able to reach high notes at all, in this case the singer “pulls” the chest voice. Or viceversa, the chest voice is not very present, and this is typical of those very light voices that don’t have much power. Mixing the voice, the singer will be able to go from one register to the other, in a natural and gradual way, without changes in quality, without effort and in all the dynamics.

Guaranteed results: both with online and live lessons!

It doesn’t matter that you take a voice lesson via Skype or in person: the results that come from this extraordinary method are guaranteed. And this has been demonstrated by the fact that by now and for decades, the mix method has become the “must have” of the greatest American stars: Stevie Wonder, Anita Baker, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and hundreds of  Grammy Award winners. The method is suitable for everyone, without age restrictions (minimum 8 years old), and also for those who have never taken a voice lesson before and want to learn to sing.

No more excuses!!! Book now a voice lesson, online or in person!!

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